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Arando is a platform tailored for any company supplying custom products. It allows businesses to manage multiple storefronts, integrate with production processes and streamline workflows. Arando closes the gap between the digital shopping world and the factory floor.

From Web to print to eCommerce-to-print

In mid-May of this year, ARANDO a Portuguese-Brazilian startup in the software area inaugurated its disruptive solution in the for electronic printing and graphic material.

“The traditional web-to-print systems have a vision centered on the customization of the arts and the dynamics of the files for printing, but they are insufficient in the scope of the purchase experience to the end-user.”

Says one of its founders, Luis Guilherme Diniz, an executive with extensive experience in the subject.

The Arando platform proposes a change from a traditional web to print – where the print service provider is responsible for the marketing and promotion of the web site – to “e-commerce2print” with the use of an open storefront concept using the most popular existing e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce and many others.

“In a country like Brazil, this flexibility in choosing multiple online sales channels is crucial, and converges with the growth of internet shopping, especially in the period during and after the pandemic”

says Luis.

OpenSource’s agility and breadth reduce implementation costs. Rather than requiring a programmer to set up a whole conventional system for web2print, the printing company will now need online entrepreneurs, content creators, digital marketers, and web designers, a much more accessible workforce available on the market.

Robson Esperança – one of the partners in the business, also an experienced professional in the prepress sector, signals the intended business models for Brazil: “The labels and packaging market is the next big market that will migrate a significant part of the sales volume to e-commerce, followed by visual communication, promotional prints in offset and digital shop “.

Other side benefits of the use of traditional e-commerce by print service providers and packaging converters include understanding the needs of end customers, something that is completely suppressed in the B2B model, and where valuable opportunities are lost in the creation of new products and services.

The greater liquidity of receivables, a factor so especially valid and desirable at a time of economic crisis as the one we are experiencing, where the cash is king. Non-payment becomes a problem transferred to global and local payment giants (PayPal and the like) and the dependence on the commercial representative is gradually reduced.

“E-commerce is not a substitute, but a strategic complement to the offer”, reiterates Robson. Arando in Portuguese means Cranberry, the name of the company, comes from this red fruit abundant in the trees of the region where the company is located, seen daily through the window of its first commercial room.

We hope that your solution will prosper and bring fruits as sweet as the origin of your corporate name. Arando is a registered trademark of Red Panda Graphics Solution Ltd; more information can be obtained on its website: Red Panda Graphics, while the software has its page:

Text published at Projeto Pack

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

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