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Arando is a platform tailored for any company supplying custom products. It allows businesses to manage multiple storefronts, integrate with production processes and streamline workflows. Arando closes the gap between the digital shopping world and the factory floor.

Transforming Commerce: Real-World Success Stories in B2B E-Commerce

In the digital age, small businesses are finding innovative ways to thrive. One key strategy is the transformation of B2B e-commerce operations. This article shares inspiring case studies of small businesses that have successfully automated their order workflows, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

Case Study: Custom Label Printing Company’s Journey into Beer Label E-Commerce


Background and Challenge

A well-established Flexographic Labels Printing Company, known for its high-quality, bespoke label printing services, faced a challenge in expanding its market. Despite having a loyal customer base in traditional sectors, they noticed a growing trend in craft beer production in their region and saw an opportunity to tap into this niche market by starting a beer label e-commerce B2B site aimed at professional resellers.


The company aimed to create an intuitive, user-friendly but simple e-commerce storefront based on WooCommerce that catered specifically to craft breweries, offering customizable beer label designs with an easy ordering process.


Website Development: The company launched a dedicated e-commerce site for beer labels. The site featured a user-friendly interface with customizable templates and an interactive design tool, allowing customers to create their beer labels easily.

Arando Server was used as a way to integrate with Existing Systems: To streamline operations, the new e-commerce platform was integrated with their existing CRM and ERP systems with the help of Arando Server. This integration allowed for efficient order processing, inventory management, and customer data analysis.

Digital Marketing Strategy: They implemented a targeted digital marketing strategy, focusing on social media marketing and SEO to reach craft breweries and home brewers.

Customer Service and Feedback Loop: Emphasizing customer service, they established a responsive support team and feedback system to continually improve the user experience based on customer input.


Increased Sales and Market Reach: The e-commerce site quickly gained traction, attracting a diverse range of customers from small home breweries to larger craft beer producers. Within the first year, the company saw a 40% increase in sales related to beer labels.

Operational Efficiency: The integration with existing systems streamlined the order-to-delivery process, reducing lead times and operational costs.

Brand Recognition: The targeted digital marketing efforts and unique positioning in the craft beer market enhanced the company’s brand recognition, establishing them as a go-to source for custom beer labels.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: The interactive design tool and responsive customer service led to high customer satisfaction, with many customers becoming repeat buyers and brand advocates.

Additional Case Studies involving B2B eCommerce.

The Boutique Clothing Distributor

Challenge: A boutique clothing distributor struggled with manual order processing, leading to delays and errors.

Solution: They implemented an e-commerce solution that automated order taking, inventory management, and invoicing.

Outcome: The distributor saw a 50% reduction in order processing time and a significant decrease in errors, leading to happier customers and increased repeat business.

The Specialty Food Supplier

Challenge: A specialty food supplier faced challenges in managing bulk orders and complex shipping requirements.

Solution: By integrating an advanced e-commerce platform, they automated their ordering system, including tailored shipping and handling processes.

Outcome: The supplier experienced a 30% increase in order efficiency and a 20% growth in sales within six months.

The Industrial Parts Manufacturer

Challenge: An industrial parts manufacturer needed to streamline their B2B sales to various industries with different needs.

Solution: They adopted a customizable e-commerce solution that allowed for personalized catalogs and pricing for different client segments.

Outcome: The manufacturer improved client satisfaction and saw a 25% increase in order efficiency and a 15% increase in client retention.

The Custom Electronics Producer

Challenge: A small business specializing in custom electronics was struggling with a time-consuming, error-prone manual ordering system.

Solution: They integrated a B2B e-commerce platform with real-time custom order tracking and automated inventory updates.

Outcome: This led to a 40% improvement in order accuracy and a substantial reduction in time spent on manual entries, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The Eco-Friendly Office Supplies Vendor

Challenge: An office supplies vendor, focusing on eco-friendly products, found it challenging to match supply with fluctuating demand.

Solution: By adopting a data-driven e-commerce system, they could predict trends and automate restocking processes based on real-time demand data.

Outcome: The vendor saw a 35% improvement in inventory turnover and a 25% increase in sales, while significantly reducing waste and unsold stock.

The Artisanal Beverage Wholesaler

Challenge: A wholesaler of artisanal beverages was facing difficulties in managing a complex distribution network and varied order sizes.

Solution: They implemented an AI-powered e-commerce platform that automated order routing and provided dynamic pricing models based on customer and order profiles.

Outcome: This resulted in a 30% increase in order fulfillment speed and a 20% increase in overall customer satisfaction, as well as opening new market opportunities due to improved scalability.

These case studies illustrate that with the right e-commerce solutions, small businesses can significantly enhance their operations. By automating order workflows, companies not only increase efficiency but also open doors to new growth opportunities.

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