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Free SEO Plugins for WordPress: Enhancing Content Creation in E-commerce

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, creating impactful online content is crucial. As a technical expert in e-commerce, I recognize the importance of SEO in steering digital strategy. WordPress, a versatile content management system, offers a range of free SEO plugins that can significantly enhance content creation for industries selling online. In this article, we will explore two prominent plugins, Yoast SEO and Rank Math, and how they can be leveraged alongside tools like Google Keyword Planner to optimize e-commerce content.

Google Keyword Planner: A Foundation for SEO Strategy

Google Keyword Planner is an indispensable tool for generating keyword ideas directly from Google, ensuring your content is aligned with what users are searching for. By inputting a series of words, phrases, or a URL, the tool provides insights into search volumes, competition, and even seasonal trends. This data is crucial for creating SEO-focused content that not only ranks higher on search engines but also resonates with the target audience.

Each industry has its own needs and target audience, hence it’s extremely important that the keywords are chosen accordingly.

Here are 6 examples of verticals we helped with keyword strategies.

These industries are at the forefront of offering highly customizable products, allowing consumers to express their individuality and preferences. Incorporating these keywords can significantly enhance the online presence and searchability of businesses in these verticals.

1 – Custom Clothing and Apparel

Business: Printful

Sample Keywords: Personalized T-Shirts, Custom Hoodies, Bespoke Clothing, Tailor-made Dresses, Made-to-Order Jeans, Customized Apparel Design, Online Tailoring Services, Individualized Fashion, Print-on-Demand Clothing.

2 – Personalized Jewelry and Accessories

Business: Slate & Tell 

Keywords: Custom Engraved Jewelry, Personalized Necklaces, Bespoke Bracelets, Made-to-Order Rings, Customized Watches, Handmade Accessories, Monogrammed Jewelry, Custom Design Jewelry Online, Unique Accessory Crafting.

3 – Custom Furniture and Home Decor

Business: Ethan Allen

Keywords: Bespoke Furniture Design, Custom-Made Sofas, Personalized Home Decor, Made-to-Order Chairs, Tailor-Made Tables, Custom Woodworking, Individualized Interior Design, Online Furniture Customization, Unique Home Furnishings.

4 – Tailored Health and Wellness Products

Business: Blume

Keywords: Customized Supplements, Personalized Nutrition Plans, Tailor-Made Skincare, Bespoke Wellness Products, Individualized Health Solutions, Custom Vitamin Packs, Made-to-Order Fitness Supplements, Online Personalized Health.

5 – Customized Textile and Decor Printing

Business: Spoonflower

Keywords: Custom Fabric Printing, Personalized Home Textiles, Bespoke Wall Art, Made-to-Order Curtains, Customized Upholstery, Digital Textile Printing, Individualized Decor Prints, Online Custom Print Services, Unique Textile Design.

6 – Personalized Gifts and Crafts

Business: Gift & Craft

Keywords: Custom Gifts, Personalized Crafts, Bespoke Artwork, Made-to-Order Keepsakes, Customized Gift Baskets, Handmade Presents, Tailored Decorative Items, Unique Gift Creation, Online Personalized Souvenirs.

Yoast SEO: A Comprehensive SEO Solution

Yoast SEO is one of the most widely-used SEO plugins for WordPress. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to improve on-page SEO.


  1. User-Friendly Interface: Yoast provides a straightforward, intuitive interface, making it accessible even for beginners.
  2. Content Analysis: It offers real-time page analysis, helping users optimize content, meta descriptions, and titles.
  3. Readability Checker: Yoast assesses the readability of the content, ensuring it’s user-friendly.
  4. SEO Scoring: It provides an SEO score, indicating how well your content is optimized.


  1. Limited Free Features: Some advanced features are locked behind a premium version.
  2. Over-Dependence on Green Lights: Users might focus too much on achieving green lights for SEO and readability, potentially compromising the natural flow of content.

Rank Math: The Rising Star in SEO Plugins

Rank Math is quickly becoming a favorite among WordPress users due to its user-friendly interface and extensive features.


  1. Rich Snippet Integration: It supports a wide range of schema markups, enhancing SERP appearances.
  2. Integrated Google Search Console: Rank Math links directly with Google Search Console, providing valuable insights within WordPress.
  3. 404 Monitor: It helps in identifying and rectifying broken links.
  4. SEO Performance Tracking: Tracks keyword rankings and overall SEO performance.


  1. Complexity for Beginners: The sheer number of features can be overwhelming for new users.
  2. Performance Issues: Some users have reported that it can slow down the website due to its extensive functionality.

Benchmark Table: Yoast SEO vs. Rank Math


Feature Yoast SEO Rank Math
User Interface User-friendly User-friendly with advanced features
Keyword Optimization Basic Advanced with suggestions
Readability Analysis Yes Yes
Google Search Console Integration No Yes
SEO Scoring System Traffic light system Numerical scoring
Content Analysis Comprehensive More detailed with suggestions
Schema Markups Limited Extensive
Price Free with premium option Mostly free

For e-commerce industries, selecting the right SEO plugin for WordPress is critical. Both Yoast SEO and Rank Math offer unique advantages. While Yoast is great for beginners focusing on basic SEO and content readability, Rank Math stands out with its advanced features and detailed content analysis, beneficial for users with a bit more SEO knowledge.

Ultimately, the choice between Yoast SEO and Rank Math should align with your business goals, technical expertise, and the specific needs of your e-commerce platform. Combined with the power of Google Keyword Planner, these tools can significantly amplify your online presence, driving more traffic and ultimately boosting sales.

In the ever-evolving realm of e-commerce, staying ahead of SEO trends and leveraging effective tools like Yoast, Rank Math, and Google Keyword Planner is pivotal for success. By judiciously using these tools, businesses can enhance their online visibility, engage better with their audience, and achieve sustainable growth in the competitive digital marketplace.

Luís Guilherme Diniz

Luís Guilherme Diniz

Managing Partner at Red Panda

Systems Analyst passionate about the world of print media and packaging, with a rich trajectory in large companies in the sector, including notable stints at Esko and Kodak. As a true pioneer, he was one of the first to introduce the incredible universe of web-to-print systems in Latin America. Today, he has become an expert in the art of selling customizable products online, helping companies stand out and prosper in the digital landscape..

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